Branch & Dean are Steve Branch and Dean Scallan out of Florida. Releasing their first single The Dash to radio just last year the duo has taken radio by storm. The two men grew up together and are now not only musicians but also National Celebrity Ambassadors for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Steve Branch's son, Theron, passed away of CF March of 2013. The song The Dash was written as a tribute to him.

We get a lot of requests for the song, it crosses a lot of boundaries that everyone identifies with in some way or another. Whether it's a child, parent, sister/brother, friend or even yourself it makes you ask the question, 'how will you live the dash'?

From the time we are born until our death it's all that stuff in the middle 'the dash' that's most important. How will you be remembered? It's a touching song that really makes you stop and think and in some cases re-evaluate your life choices.

The latest from Branch & Dean is 'Glad She's Not an Angel'. You can see the guys in person on Friday, July 11th at the Lucky Mule Saloon as part of our Taste of Country Summer Concert Series.

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