The Taste of Country Concert Series is in full swing, and we see you in the crowd, taking photos and sharing them on the web. That kind of behavior is encouraged!

Just remember, when you post pictures, videos and comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere else on the web, be sure to give it the hashtag #ToCTX.

Hash-tagging is a pretty new thing to me, but it's pretty cool. It's an easy way to organize photos that are scattered throughout a given social network. If you're a hashtag novice, it's easy to do. Simply attach #ToCTX to a social network post, and your photo, video or comment will be grouped in with all other posts with #ToCTX.Then, when you want to see your post with everybody else's at the show, click the hashtag and the entire collection of #TocTX posts will appear!

Try hash-tagging at the next Taste of Country Concert!