Aaron Watson is what we like to call "boy makes good".  He's blazed his own path in the country music world, especially here in Texas.  He keeps it clean and down to earth, because mama wouldn't have it any other way.  Aaron loves family and friends and that's what he keeps in perspective. His music is not just about going out drinking; it's about love, family, honor and respect.  With all of that being said he's now made history with his music.

With his latest single "Raise Your Bottle" Aaron hit #1 on the Texas Music Chart in only 6 weeks of airplay.  That makes his song the fastest single to reach the top of the chart in their history.

Not only that but this song is also making some big waves in other ways too. The song has also had 13,000 views on YouTube in one month, #raiseyourbottle is trending on Twitter, it's had over 10,000 downloads on iTunes and the tour has sold over 20,000 tickets.

This is a song that Aaron wrote to honor his dad and all veterans past, present and future.  He says he's inspired by them and because of their sacrifices we have freedom.

All of the proceeds from the song go to The Boot Campaign, an organization that helps vets adjust to the challenges they encounter when they return home.