The 12th Armored Division were known as the "Hellcats" during WWII. They were one of the best fighting units of the war. August 1-5 that unit will be celebrated with a reunion and parade in downtown Abilene.

The men of the 12th Armored Division only served 5 1/2 months of combat duty but they participated in 5 campaigns in Western Europe. Among their duties they liberated Nazi Concentration Camps and were the first American soldiers to enter Hitler's "Eagles Nest".

Abilene is lucky to have a museum to highlight and celebrate these brave men of WWII. The first week in August will be a chance for you to learn more about the Division and their accomplishments that extent well beyond what little I mentioned.

Their are a few events that are open only to the reunion attendees, however, their will be many events free and open to the public starting August 4th.

The morning of August 4th will kick off with a parade downtown at 10 am and continue through out the day with events like the WWII Bivouac and Living History Demonstrations and tours of the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum.

It is recommended that you sport your red, white and blue and wave your flags to honor the soldiers during the parade.

For those looking for information about the reunion please see the 12th Armored Division website.