Yep, 'Texas Smoked Brisket' is the best in America according to the latest poll. I'm of the opinion that smoked brisket is 'the only' barbecue period. Best of all, we here in Abilene have a lot of awesome restaurants that serve great 'smoked brisket barbecue' on a daily basis.

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We Texans are so serious about our barbecue that we do not refer to the process as "barbecuing" but we call it "smoking" and if you're good at it, you'll use real mesquite wood. Besides, we've been trying to perfect 'smoked brisket' that we've been having brisket cookoffs for at least four hundred years.

Recently, a new poll revealed that America's favorite barbeque is "Texas Smoked Brisket" something we've known in the Lone Star State since time began. America’s favorite barbecue, according to this latest poll, is smoked brisket without sauce.

Texas leads the way with 20% of Americans saying that our Texas-style brisket is "real barbecue." The other barbecues that were voted on are Carolina, Kansas, and Memphis-style barbecue following close behind at 10% each.

The big difference is that Kansas City-style BBQ is known for its thick molasses and tomato-based sauce. Carolina-style BBQ is usually pork served pulled, shredded, or chopped. Memphis style is mainly made of pork usually ribs and shoulders though beef and chicken barbecue are also considered "barbecue."

Furthermore, the Lone Star State is so large that "Texas Smoked Brisket" was also divided into East, Central, West, and South Texas regions. Again, we are very fortunate to have some awesome barbecue restaurants in Abilene, most of which feature smoked brisket as the primary meat of choice and the barbecue sauce is a defining factor.

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