You may have noticed something a little different when you turned on KEAN 105 this morning, but don't worry, your favorite radio personality is still with us.

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Who's on the new morning show?

This morning, we debuted The Bobby Bones show on KEAN 105, which can be heard each weekday morning from 5 am until 10 am.

Bobby is the host of The Bobby Bones Show along with Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie and Ray. He has been on the radio since he was 17 hosting late night, evening, and now a morning show.

Bobby has appeared in movies and television, including Dancing With the Stars. He had a part in the movie “Bandslam” with Vanessa Hudgens. Bobby has also hosted Live! with Kelly Ripa. He also appears as a guest on Headline News and has been featured on CNN.

What happened to Fearless?

Well, Rudy "Fearless" Fernandez is back in the timeslot that made him famous and the one he had dominated for so many years on KEAN 105.

That's right, Fearless is back on the afternoon show and can be heard each weekday from 3 pm until 7 pm.

Oh, and don't worry, he'll still have Birthdays and Anniversaries and he's bringing back the Fearless Five at 5 with a chance to win cash each week on KEAN 105.

We are stoked about this new era of KEAN 105 and Abilene radio and hope you are too.

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