The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) hosts several 'Wild Horse and Burro Program' adoptions throughout the United States. If you've ever considered owning a wild horse and/or a burro, don't miss the BLM wild horse and burro adoption that's coming tp Abilene, Friday and Saturday, March 26 and 27, 2021.

The Bureau of Land Management has many areas where they stock horses and burros at their 'permanent range corrals'. To attend or adopt from a BLM corral you'll need to have and appointment and then travel to one of their permanent locations to adopt.

However when the BLM adoption sale hits the road and the bureau brings the horses and burros to you. On March 26th and 27th there will be approximately over 80 horses and over 40 burros that will be available for viewing and adoption here in Abilene at the Taylor County Expo Center off of Texas Highway 36.

Furthermore, you could earn up to $1,000 for adopting an animal through the Adoption Incentive Program. To learn more about adopting one of these majestic animals and the Adoption Incentive Program see the above video and visit

Now, If you would like to adopt a wild horse or burro, you'll have to meet the standard list of  requirements for owning and caring for a wild horse and/or burro, including having the facilities to ensure the safety and health of the animals. All buyers must meet all the requirements as well as be able to provide a good healthy home for their newly purchased animals.

These are some requirements as recommended by the Bureau of Land Management, listed below:

1. Ensure you meet the standard requirements for adopting or purchasing a wild horse or burro. You can find requirements in the Important Documents section of the BLM website. Visit their Sales Program page for information on the process to purchase a sale-eligible wild horse or burro.

2. Make plans to visit the upcoming adoption event at the Taylor County Expo Center on Texas Highway 36 and FM-707. Each facility may have additional requirements beyond what is stated in the application; it is recommended that you contact the facility’s website for more information. The BLM also hosts periodic adoption/sale opportunities on the Online Corral.

3. Complete an adoption application or sales application and mail or fax it to the local BLM office, or bring it with you to the event. You will also be able to complete an application onsite at the event.

4. If you have scheduled an appointment, arrive at the facility for your appointment early for viewing and adopting said animals.
5. You will have to arrange for payment and pick up of your wild horse or burros directly from the event facility. Generally, the new owner is responsible for all transportation costs for the animal. If you are unable to provide transportation from the facility, consider adopting or purchasing an animal during a scheduled competitive bid event on the BLM’s Online Corral, which may have a drop-off location that is more conveniently located.
Source: Bureau of Land Management

The horses and burros that are featured in the sale all vary in age, sex, size and color. The BLM works at providing important information regarding the Wild Horse and Burro Program. Also the BLM encourages everyone to report any inhumane treatment of adopted wild horses and burros.

To contact the Wild Horse and Burro Information center call toll free at 1-866-468-7826 or reach out to them via email at or simply visit online at

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Photo by: Wild Horse & Burro Adoption/BLM
Photo by: Wild Horse & Burro Adoption/BLM

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