According to some of the latest statistics (as of 2021), there are approximately 231,741 women on active duty in the United States military forces. Additionally, women make up 21.4% of the National Guard and the reserves, with an additional 171,000 members.

Women serving in the military have been trending upward for several years now. While I believe the military is a great way to start "adulting", it is also a way to get out of your hometown and see the world.

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That said, we must take care of all our women veterans too. Thus, the Center for Women Veterans and the West Texas VA Health Care System are hosting an online "Virtual Women Veterans Town Hall Meeting." This meeting is designed to address primarily women's health issues.

The West Texas Virtual Veteran Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 13, 2024, from 5 PM until 6:00 PM by dialing into 833-305-1700. West Texas Veterans, caregivers, and stakeholders are encouraged to log in to attend the meeting.

West Texas VA Healthcare System Public Affairs Officer Michael Cole says, "Leadership and other subject matter experts from WTVA and the Veterans Benefits Administration will provide updates and take questions from Women Veterans from across the West Texas area."

Topics to be discussed include:

  • PACT Act
  • Enrollment & Eligibility
  • Women Veterans Health
  • Access to care
  • Status construction projects
    Source: Public Affairs Officer Michael Cole News release

Topics to be discussed will include The PACT Act, Enrollment & Eligibility, Women Veteran's Health, access to care, and status construction projects. This is a great opportunity for veterans to correspond directly with WTVA leadership, clinical staff, and other VA experts.

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