Just when you thought you’d had your fill of superheroes at Comic-Con 2016, animated or otherwise, Vixen returns to unite The CW’s DC players once more. Our first look at Season 2 of the animated CW Seed drama brings both Barry Allen and Firestorm into the mix, but who’s the weathered new big bad?

As debuted at Comic-Con 2016, our first look at Vixen Season 2 sees Grant Gustin again lending his voice to the scarlet speedster (with a slightly-more accurate design this time), teaming with Franz Drameh and Victor Garber’s Firestorm to take on the second Weather Wizard. Don’t worry, Megalyn E.K.’s Vixen still shows up to save the day (it is her series, but might be in a bit of trouble.

In addition to Grant Gustin and Arrow star Stephen Amell returning, Season 2 of CW Seed’s Vixen will also feature Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer and Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary. The story will be set before the latter character’s Arrow Season 4 demise, though as we learned at Comic-Con, Katie Cassidy will be popping up all over the DC universe regardless.

The six-episode second season has yet to announce an official premiere date for fall, while Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 has confirmed that Star Wars star Maisie Richardson-Sellers will take the regular role of Mari McCabe’s grandmother. There’s every chance Megalyn E.K. will find time to reprise her own Vixen in live-action, however.

In the meantime, check out the first season trailer below, and stay tuned for the latest on Vixen Season 2, and more.

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