'The Flash' took something of a breather this past week in order to prime for tonight's explosive "Plastique," but the newest trailer for the CW 'Arrow' spinoff picks up the pace double-time. Not only do we get new looks at the likes of DC's Girder, General Wade Eiling and a returning Clock King, but so too does an epic look at 'The Flash''s future tease a new name beyond the "Red Streak," and a deepening time travel mystery to the enigmatic Harrison Wells!

There's quite a bit to take in by our latest look at 'The Flash''s upcoming episodes (perhaps fewer teases of the upcoming 'Arrow' crossover), though we do have some tantalizing tidbits to pore over. Not only do we see Barry coming into his own as "The Flash" (goodbye, "Red Streak!"), but also learn that Dr. Wells has someone on the other end of his mysterious future room to report progress to, and catch glimpses of Barry facing off against a number of DC baddies in his efforts to become the comic hero we know him to be.

Of interest to note? Well, there's also 'Prison Break' star Robert Knepper's return as 'Arrow' villain William Tockman, aka The Clock King, but if you freeze-frame around the 00:57 second mark, you'll realize that we're not seeing a red streak headed toward Iris West, but rather a yellow one (cough, Zoom in and Reverse)!

See for yourself in the latest look at 'The Flash''s upcoming run (heh) above, and tell us what you want to see as The CW's 'Arrow' spinoff builds toward its midseason finale! While we're at it, have a fresh clip from tonight's "Plastique!"

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