Seeing as Wally West won’t be taking over the mantle of The Flash in Season 4, Barry Allen will need an exit from the speed force, pronto. He may just get it by the Season 4 premiere, as the official title promises a “Reborn” Scarlet Speedster.

Flash production’s Twitter account shared a look at the schedule board for Season 4’s premiere, in the process revealing October 10 premiere title “The Flash Reborn.” It certainly stands to reason that Season 4 would begin filming about now, so as to have a sizzle reel ready for Comic-Con 2017:

Star Danielle Panabaker also recently revealed she’d returned to work:

As for the title itself, comic fans will naturally recognize the similarity to DC boss Geoff Johns’ 2009 The Flash: Rebirth, which dealt with Barry’s return from – you guessed it – the speed force and various “Crises" of past comics. The CW series generally only pays lip-service to comic arcs, so don’t expect the same story that involved Savitar, Zoom, Reverse-Flash, and just about every speedster in the book.

At the very least, we’re likely to learn casting for Season 4 big bad “The Thinker” in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for the latest details in a Flash.

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