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While at the recent grand opening of the newest Yesway, Allsup's convenience store in Abilene. I was surprised to learn about a fundraiser the popular convenience store chain Yesway is having to assist the families affected by the heartbreaking Uvalde tragedy.

Let me sidetrack for a moment, Yesway is the parent company for Allsup's convenience stores throughout Texas and the United States. Being that Allsup's is a Lone Star State favorite and that the majority of their stores are in the Lons Star State, it made sense that they're having this fundraiser.

The Yesway Allsup's chain doesn't even have any stores within 150 miles of Uvalde, Texas

Okay, on to the fundraiser, the company is calling its fundraising effort "Uvalde Strong." The fundraiser was created to offer support to the Uvalde, Texas community and the families that have been seriously affected as a direct result of the tragic shooting at the local elementary school. Here's the amazing part of it all, Yesway/Allsup's does not have any convenience stores within 150 miles of Uvalde, Texas.

Furthermore, the nearest Yesway or Allsup's is 160 miles to Brady, Texas for a Yesway and 212 miles to an Allsup's in Iraan, Texas. That's what makes this fundraiser so incredible. it's that a convenience store chain that's not even in that city is having a fundraiser for those families.

The loss of children and teachers has impacted everyone in the Lone Star State. This is an awesome opportunity for all of us to come together as a huge Texas family to help. So, whether we're filling up, getting something to drink, picking up a 6 pack, or getting a couple of those awesome Allsup's burritos. While at the register, we can make a donation anywhere from $1 to $100 or more.

Trent Moore the Marketing Manager was at the grand opening of the new Allsups in Abilene when he shared the exciting news about this incredible fundraising event. I was moved by the fact that Yesway has no stores near Uvalde and yet they immediately jumped in to help.

To donate, find a Yesway or Allsup’s convenience store near you. Locate the nearest Yesway or Allsup's participating in the "Uvalde Strong Fundraiser" campaign just go to: or

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