Tattoos have become very popular over the last few years and more and more women are getting them. It's not for me but having had breast cancer, I ran across this story on a breast cancer site. It seems women who have had mastectomy surgery are getting the tattoos to cover their scars.

When you have a mastectomy you have a scar that goes from under one arm all the way across your chest to under your other arm. Then if you decide to have reconstruction you still have small scars on the sides, under the arms. Some women are choosing to cover those scars with art in the form of tattoos.

The art work is beautiful but as I said, not something I would choose, I will wear my scars proudly. I was given the gift of a second chance and that's what those scars will forever remind me.

For more information on these tattoos check out Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer website.