Whether it's because people simply don't know about them or haven't had the time to check them out, Abilene has a lot of restaurants that don't get the recognition they deserve. Let's dive into a few of them.

  • Enchilada Express

    2134 South 27th

    If you want some very tasty Mexican food delivered right to your door, Enchilada Express has you hooked up. I've eaten everything from their enchiladas to their fajitas and haven't been disappointed yet. And, their jalapeno corn is pretty amazing. For more on Enchilada Express, check out the links below.


  • Larry's Better Burger

    1233 North Treadaway

    Seriously, if you want to throw down on an old-fashioned burger served up old school style, you have to try Larry's. Don't let the old building fool you, these guys know how to cook a good burger. In fact, I would rank one of Larry's burgers up there with some of the best in Abilene. Check out their Facebook page below for more info.

  • Joe's Pasta Pizza & Subs

    1102 S Treadaway Blvd. and 4460 Buffalo Gap Rd

    Joe's makes some of the best pizza I've ever eaten in Abilene. They don't skimp out on the ingredients at all because it's stacked up with toppings. Plus, they have pizza sizes up to 20 inches for maximum consumption. Check out more on Joe's with the link below.

  • Weinerschnitzel

    2997 S 14th St

    I don't know what they put in their hotdogs, and frankly (see what I did there) I don't care. Weinerschnitzel is just simply some good eatin'. Their chili is probably second to none in my book.

  • Monterrey Restaurant

    3310 N 10th St

    This may be one of the best kept secrets in Abilene. Monterrey serves up authentic Mexican food as well as Tex-Mex. And, if you can judge a good Mexican just off of their salsa alone, I'd rank Monterrey way up there. Definitely a nice sit down place to throw down on some good and fresh Mexican food.

  • Texas Steak Express

    5217 Hwy 277

    Since 1997, Texas Steak Express has been serving up hot and juicy steaks and burgers in Abilene and delivering them to your front door. Whether you want steak, chicken or even shrimp, you'll get some pretty tasty food from Texas Steak Express. A little known fact is that I actually used to work there when it first started. In fact, it was then when we can up with the term 'the sleeper' which describes their double patty burger which is awesome. Get more info on Texas Steak Express with the links below.


    Texas Steak Express