And not necessarily in this exact order, but be aware that there is an increased amount of Police Officers, Deputies, and State Troopers that are on the streets over the next few days looking to keep everyone safe. After spending some time on the air with Trooper Marc Couch he was explaining how crashes and fatalities have been on the rise for the last several months here in West Texas.

 These are the top four things police are looking for:

  1. Drunk or under-the-influence drivers
  2. No seatbelts and kids that are not properly buckled
  3. Speeding in all zones
  4. Distracted drivers

I noticed that when Trooper Couch talked about the number of motorcycle accidents we have had right here in the big country it meant something to him because he said "We've had way too many crashes with motorcycles than we normally have." He said, "All of these crashes could have been avoided if everyone just paid attention to driving and look out for other drivers."

As we celebrate this Independence Day holiday, I want to remind all our listeners, that there is an increased amount of law enforcement on patrol throughout the entire state of Texas. The Department of Public Safety said that they are increasing their enforcement through Wednesday, July 5th. Trooper Marc went on to say "Designate before you celebrate," meaning if you're going to party and have a few drinks designate a non-drinking driver.

Finally, Trooper Couch says remember what we learned when we first got our driver's license and that is to drive defensively. Enjoy your Fourth of July and remember that Police, Deputies, and Troopers are there to keep us all safe.

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