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I recently got to hang out with some friends over the weekend and when I showed up and my buddy Brian's house, I then realized why we haven't seen much of him and his wife. Simply put, they've been busy updating their backyard and growing a few things.

As the evening went on we got to discussing what enticed them to go all out and add their outdoor kitchen and really awesome pergola (with a bar I might add). The other thing we all noticed was, that they had grown an incredible vegetable and a flower garden too.

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I guess it's when you have the time (and they have both been working from home) to work on and concentrate on some projects they were working on. My buddy said they don't go out much anymore either, because they love their place.

So, I started looking around on social media and I discovered that we Texans have a few things we are interested in and have been doing. Apparently, there are some things (topics) that are hot and trending on social media in the Lone Star State.

Here's what I discovered and they are in no particular order, but this is what is hot and "Trending in Texas" and yes I've started doing some of these at my place. First off, planting a home garden tends to relieve stress and anxiety and one starts eating healthier. Adding a small flower garden was his wife's idea and the place looks great.

We Texans love our tacos and mesquite-grilled steaks

The huge pergola, BBQ pit, griddle, and bar were a nice touch. However, I know how much we all like to go eat out here in West Texas on "Taco Tuesdays." That's when my buddy revealed that going through social media he found the real restaurant recipes for his favorite foods, from tacos to steaks.

So, I've decided to share with you what I found on places like Facebook, TiK Tok, Pinterest, Yelp, and Twitter. these are the top 5 hottest trending things happening in Texas.

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