Earlier this week, in honor of No Shave November, we compiled the Top 5: Best Beards in Texas Music. Today we go the opposite route. Here's our list of guys who don't need a beard, men getting it done without hiding behind facial hair -- it's our Top 5: Baby Faces in Texas Music.

5. Johnny Cooper


J. Coop has been rocking our faces off since before he could drive, and now despite having his license and being well over the legal drinking age -- it's safe to say he still gets carded. It's also safe to say he still rocks our faces off; immaculately, cleanly shaven.

4. John Jeffers (Whiskey Myers)


One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, in one of the most talented southern rock bands you'll ever hear. His band mates seemingly grow magnificent beards at will, but not John. John don't need a damn beard to play the guitar.

3. Travis Stearns (Dirty River Boys)


The Dirty River Boys put on one of the most dynamic live shows in Texas, and their music is without a doubt from another world all together. This is of course in no small part to the Cajon playing, baby-faced Stearns.

2. Gabe Guevara (JB and the Moonshine Band)


Gabe doesn't require aid of a full on nasty beard. He keeps the Moonshine Band on beat without ever worrying about his sticks getting caught up in excessive facial hair.

1. Kevin Fowler


Not only would Fowler top the list as one of the longest sustainable careers in the Texas scene -- he also lands at No.1 for baby faced Texas singers. From what I understand Fowler, like myself used to sport righteous ginger locks. But unlike me Fowler doesn't have to hid behind 'em.

Honorable Mention: Earl Dibbles Jr.


Sure everyone's favorite country boy can whittle sticks and climb wind mills. He might could even grow Joe Dirt-esque chops, but can he grow a man beard? Who cares? He's rattling for bucks and making videos for CBS Sports.