Now I've seen some interesting things but this has to be one of the most interesting. It's called tattoothing. It means what you think; tooth tattooing. Then there is something a little more acceptable and that's tooth jeweling. Both are new trends in fashion.

Tooth tattooing has been around for awhile and most recently made news when someone in Britain had the newest royal couple tattooed on their teeth. Yes, Kate and William tattooed on your teeth, can you imagine? Most likely people would not look closely enough to see that it's actually a portrait but rather just food stuck in your teeth. Nonetheless, people are doing it more and more. Check out the video I found that best shows and describes the whole process.

Now this trend might be a little more acceptable but would still make you do a triple take. It's tooth jewelry. You go to a cosmetic dentist and they simply bond the sparkly jewel to your tooth or teeth. It's permanent unless you want it removed and that too is a simple procedure. It's much like having braces bonded to your teeth but when it's time to be removed they can be. Check out the video of the procedure.

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