Do you know which states have the most regret when it comes to permanent ink? While Texas is not number one on the list of tattoo regrets in the USA, we did make the top 10.

Tattoos date back more than a thousand years. Today, according to the Federal Food and Drug Administration, about 30% of all Americans have at least one tattoo. But unlike most style and fashion trends, tattoos are permanent - unless of course, you choose to have them lasered away, reputedly both an expensive and painful experience.

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While many Americans wear their artwork proudly and love showing off their tats, that is not the case for everyone. For the record, I am not a tattoo fan. Don't have one, don't want one. As a child, I drew on myself with Sharpie pens for years until my parents saw some of my work and I was punished. End of story for now.

As I watch Abilene grow, I see that tattoo shops are some of the fastest-growing businesses in our city. I do believe that all eight of my children have some ink. They are grown up and they are their bodies. However a couple of them have some art they regret, mostly because of ink noting former relationships.

In a recent study, tattooed Americans were surveyed across the country. A variety of questions were asked, particularly how many, if any, tattoos they regretted, to how much money they have spent on their permanent artwork. For more information on this topic, read more here.

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