Tony Romo threw 3 touchdowns, and broke Troy Aikman's touchdown record in the Dallas Cowboys win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football.  As Romo continues to break several franchise records, should he be considered as one of the best QB's in Cowboys history?In the NFL, you are judged not by your records, but by how many Super Bowls, or even playoff wins you have.  For Tony Romo, his 1 playoff win may not put him into the same conversation as the greatest QB in Dallas Cowboys history, but his stats tell a different story.

In the game against the Eagles, Romo was 22 out of 27 for 307 yards, 3 TD's, and no interceptions. It's games like that, that show his brilliance.  But, the one problem that everybody, including myself, have with him, is his uncanny ability to look so good one game, and look so horrible the next game.  It's the lack of consistency that drives Cowboys fans away from crowning him as one of the best.

Still though, his stats do not lie.  He now has thrown for 168 touchdowns as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.  Plus, he's done it faster than any other QB in franchise history - including Troy Aikman.  Aikman threw 165 TD's in 12 seasons.  It only took Romo 7 seasons to pass that number.  Romo is pretty much on pace to shatter most, if not all, of Aikman's passing records.  Again, in only his 7th season as a starting quarterback, he has totaled up 24,494 yards passing (Aikman threw for 32,942 yards), 168 TD's, a QB rating of 95.8 (Aikman had a 81.6), and has only had 87 interceptions (Aikman had 141).

So, on paper, Romo seems to have the edge over Aikman, who I consider to be the best in Cowboys history. Again, what sets Romo apart is his lack of playoff wins.  Aikman was incredible during the playoffs and their 3 Super Bowl wins.  Of course, you have to throw Roger Staubach in the mix when you talk great Cowboys quarterbacks, but even 'The Dodger' didn't throw as many TD's or passed for as many yards as Romo has.

Heck, even Aikman himself said he thinks Romo is a better quarterback than he was.  It even spawned a poll I did on best Cowboys quarterback in history earlier this year.

I've been very critical of Romo in the past, and until the Cowboys get to the Super Bowl again, he will always be criticized and put under the microscope.  But, as he continues to break Dallas Cowboys franchise passing records, isn't it time to put him up there in the ranks of other great Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks?

What are your thoughts on whether or not Tony Romo should be considered one of the best QB's in Cowboys history?




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