Like most Super Bowl ads, Pizza Hut's commercial for the big game has made it's way online which features Tony Romo and Rex Ryan. Check out this hilarious video which fittingly focuses on the challenge flag.

The commercial starts off with a few guys watching football and eating pizza. None of them seem to like eating the crust. That's when Rex Ryan steps in and throws a challenge flag (red flag). The ad's message is to basically "make the right call with Pizza Hut". The spot continues with red flags being thrown all over the place, one guy even getting hit in the groin. Ouch!

But, it's the ending that is priceless where Tony Romo is sitting down to scarf down some pizza when a red flag is thrown at him. "Not again" he painfully says.


Yes, like many of you, I still think Dez caught that ball. Oh well.


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