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This New Year's Eve, make it extra special and make it a date night with your special someone at the Paramount Theater. On Saturday, December 31, at 7:30 PM the Paramount Theatre proudly presents Universal Pictures New Year’s Eve Film titled ”Love Actually.”

I will tell you why this film got my attention years ago, it's because it was extremely popular with moviegoers and fans of the music and or actors and actresses and was not at all popular with movie critics across the board. I believe films are made for the people and not for the critics.

Without ruining the movie for you, all I'm going to say is, that love is a great way to end the year and this film will put love in your mind, heart, soul, and all around you. Here's what I mean, I saw this film years ago and I saw a lot of people going into the theater as individuals.

When the movie was over as I'm leaving the theater, I saw a lot of couples holding hands while walking out. Now, isn't that a great way to end the year? Whether you've seen the movie or not find that special someone in your life and go see this movie it will fill your heart with love.

So without giving away too much, there are at least nine different stories taking place within the movie and they are all intertwined together. In the end, they all share something in common. The music of the Troggs' "Love Is All around" from 1967 and the music video for the movie Love Actually "Christmas Is All Around" (is a bit risque in my opinion) are connected and a major part of this film.

Nonetheless, be aware the film is rated R, and tickets are $7.00 for adults and $6 for students, military, and seniors. Tickets are available at the Paramount Theatre and on their website.

Photo by: Paramount Theatre
Photo by: Paramount Theatre

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