We all know that Abilene has some really jacked up drivers. Add the fact that there are some really bad intersections in town, and it's a disaster waiting to happen. So, let's take a closer look at the worst intersections in Abilene, in no particular order.

  • Buffalo Gap and Clack

    Ah yes, Buffalo Gap Road and Clack. I've seen my fair share of accidents at that intersection - heck, I've been in a few accidents at that intersection. What makes it so bad, is because the Mall of Abilene and several other busy businesses are there. Not to mention, people just fly down the road. Honestly, you can add the Buffalo Gap and Danville intersection to the conversation because they are both equally bad.

    Photo By Chaz
  • Buffalo Gap and Industrial

    Buffalo Gap and Industrial has the same problems as the Buffalo Gap and Clack/Danville intersections as far as having several businesses around it. But, another problem it poses is that you can get really confused easily, especially if you are not from Abilene. The lanes are marked as to which direction you can go, but a lot of people will wait until the last minute, and then dart into another lane. Or, people will try going straight when they are actually in a mandatory turn lane. Add speeding, confusion and bad road planning, and you have a horrible intersection.

    Photo By Chaz
  • Southwest Drive and Catclaw

    In my opinion, this is the worst intersection in Abilene. The congestion is insane, especially on the weekends. In fact, you won't catch me near that area unless I absolutely have to do some last minute shopping. The problem is just simply too many people in the area at the same time. If you're coming out of a parking lot to go across the street, you may be waiting forever. You literally have to come up with strategic ways to move around this intersection if you ever want to get to your destination.

    Photot By Chaz
  • South 1st and Leggett

    Making this intersection a bad one is the fact that South 1st is a high traffic area as it is connected to a highway coming in from the West of Abilene. So, there are lots of trucks and other vehicles rolling through town as well as the people that live here. Not only that, there is the longest turn lane I think I have ever seen that stretches from Pioneer Drive to Leggett and beyond. So, you'll have people that literally will get in the turn lane 3 blocks down the road which causes quite a few close calls. Our studios sit basically on the corner of Leggett and South 1st, so all of us who work here have seen a ton of accidents at this intersection.

    Photo By Chaz
  • South 11th and Treadaway

    South 11th and Treadaway is sort of a double whammy. First you have Treadaway which is a main corridor through Abilene and connects to loop 322 as well as Highway 83/84. Then, you have South 11th, which when traveling east from Treadaway, also connects to another highway going out toward Abilene Regional Airport. The intersection itself is a bit confusing to some as you have a double turn lane from the North. I've seen many people want to try to go straight instead of turning from the turn lane, which causes a lot of frustrations among drivers.

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