In the summer of 1989, Keith Whitley had all our attention and was winning all kinds of accolades, all the while the world was mourning his death. Alcohol abuse severely deteriorated his health and he died suddenly at the age of 34. "I'm No Stranger To The Rain" was Whitley's last no.1, earning the top spot the very week of his death. 1989 also had other amazing songs like it.

Check out the top 5 songs from the summer of 1989

Keith Whitley - I'm No Stranger To The Rain

Shenandoah - Church on Cumberland Road

Randy Travis- Is It Still Over

Dolly Parton - Why'd You Come In Here

The Judds - Let Me Tell You About Love

Here are some interesting cost of living facts from 1989

  • Average Cost of new house $120,000.00
  • Interest Rates Federal Reserve 10.50%
  • Average Income per year $27,450.00
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average 2753
  • Average Monthly Rent $420.00
  • Price for new car $15,3500.00
  • Yearly Inflation Rate 4.83%
  • 1 Postage Stamp 25 cents
  • 1 gallon of gas 97 cents

What do you remember from 1989?

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