The Ride For Change continues to spread awareness and raise money for the 'Minority Scholarship Fund.' Frank Pain continues visiting cities in Texas and Oklahoma setting up the scholarship fund and inspiring others in every community he visits, to make a difference and "be a good human."

Pain's research into the subject on scholarships and minorities is pretty alarming. Frank says:

"aside from what's happening in our social landscape, regarding equality, there are some startling facts that I'd like to share with you about minorities, college/trade schools, and receiving financial support through scholarships and grants. According to Mark Kantrowitz, author of Secrets to Winning a Scholarship, minorities are less likely to be recipients of college scholarships with caucasians pulling in 72% of scholarships, leaving just 28% for minorities. Now one could argue that's because there are more white kids in college than minorities. Well, that is correct, however, minorities still receive less scholarships than the actual percentage they impact the college population. But, did you know that, according to 2018 U.S. Census Bureau estimates, white students (defined as non-Hispanic white) make up just under 50% of the under the age of 15 population? Those at the top of that range are now 17 and getting ready for college.

Source Frank Pain, "Why the Ride For Change"

That stated, "The Ride for Change" is being supported by Shipley Do-Nuts in Abilene and as the Ride returns to Abilene on Friday, I will be broadcasting live from 6 am-10 am at Shipley Do-Nuts 4001 Buffalo Gap Road in Abilene. The best part is that Shipley's has agreed to donate a percentage of it's profits to the Minority Scholarship Fund.

A Shipley Cup of Coffee and a Do-Nut
Photo by: Shipley Do-Nuts #187

So come on out and enjoy some tasty Do-Nuts with some hot coffee, orange juice or ice-cold milk. All the while knowing that a percentage of you purchase is going directly to the 'Minority Scholarship Fund' in Abilene.

Please open your hearts and your pocketbook and donate what you can. You can even donate online at The Ride For Change Go-Fund-Me page. And thank you for as Frank says "being a good human!"

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