The Reindeer News Network or RNN, as it is better known, has reporters on the ground at the North Pole to bring you the latest updates about Santa and his Reindeer.

The updates are anchored by kids Nick Kringle and Eve Frost along with reporter Berry Bell. They will be keeping us updated on all the latest news from Santa and the North Pole from now until Christmas.

First, reporters noted that security cameras at the North Pole had noticed Santa's reindeer didn't have enough magic to get them more than a few inches off the ground. However, with the new Elf Pets reindeer more magic can be created to help Santa be able to fly.

Watch News Report of Lack of Reindeer Magic

It seems now that Santa's reindeer are doing better. Children are helping create more magic and that helps the reindeer fly. Hopefully, by Christmas they will have enough magic to get off the ground and fly all over the world.

Listen to the Interview with Santa About His Reindeer Finding More Magic

So how can you help Santa's reindeer find more magic? The new Elf Pet Reindeer. When children pet and love their reindeer more magic is created and that in turn helps Santa's real reindeer get off the ground. Plus, they are great companions to Scout Elf.

Keep checking back for more updates on the magic levels of the reindeer. Hopefully, they will be flying high this Christmas Eve.