So, our local candy lady has a wide assortment of goodies, but my favorite is the jar of jelly beans. The downside to sneaking into her office for a midday snack is that I always get a handful of the nasty-tasting black licorice jelly beans. So, to have a little fun at the expense of my co-workers and to cut down on the black licorice population, I played a little prank on Chaz and Dave.

Like the cola taste tests, I had them close their eyes and eat a handful of jelly beans to try and figure out the different flavors. I told them it was a test of their palette, but actually it was just a handful of black licorice jelly beans.

The prank had mixed results, and it rid the jelly bean jar of about 20 black licorice jelly beans.

Watch the Black Licorice Prank Now.

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