Jimmy Kimmel can be a quite a troublemaker. Last week, on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ he asked fans to do him a favor and pull the plug on their TV during the Super Bowl, and then record the reactions. While Kimmel was pleased to report this stunt didn’t result in any deaths, he couldn’t say the same thing about injuries.

In many of the cases, it seems the prankster was doing their friends a favor. For if the Super Bowl zombies hadn’t been given cause to leap out of the chair in outrage they would’ve likely spent over three straight hours sitting and stuffing their face with artery-busting goodies — which could possibly have long-term health effects.

But our favorite has to be the wife who pulls the plug on her hubby and then tells him he needs to remove the Christmas tree from their home because it’s February. Ladies, you’re going to have wait another year to test it out, but pulling the plug during the Super Bowl might be the best technique there is for grabbing your man’s undivided attention.

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