I have a feeling this isn't what Abilene meant when people discussed "cleaning up downtown."

The Abilene Police Department is on the lookout for three vandals who were videoed dumping chemicals and soap into the fountain at Everman Park downtown on Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

Here's the video from the Abilene Police Department's Facebook page:

In the footage above, we see three female suspects in hoodies approach the fountain by way of Everman Park (1101 N First St). Two of the suspects empty soap bottles into the fountain's basin and fling the soap onto the water feature, before climbing on the ledge while a third films the entire prank. (Pay close attention to the bright flash of a smartphone camera in the video.)

As with any youthful prank, community members took to the comments of Abilene PD's post to air their opinions.

Of course, very few folks are actually in favor of these kinds of pranks, because nobody wants their tax dollars to go to fixing problems caused by criminal mischief and "those meddling kids" who got bored on a Tuesday night in Abilene.

What's more concerning is that this happened at night prior to freezing temperatures and wintery weather; if pipes or mechanisms had busted due to the cold while the bubbles frothed. there's no telling what kind of soapy mess would be flooding downtown Abilene by now. And we all know how well Abilene handles flooding...

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Someone did observe in the comments that the suspect videoing the prank likely indicates that an identifying video will be posted somewhere eventually, possibly on TikTok. Abilene PD is requesting help from the community and encourages anyone with a tip about these pranksters to call Abilene Crime Stoppers at (325) 676-8477.

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