You know those movies that you could swear were more suited to twenty years ago, and yet studios insist on putting them out in the year 2017? That’s the feeling you might get while watching the newly released trailer for The Only Living Boy in New York, a movie that involves, among other things, a young lad encouraged by Jeff Bridges to manipulate the girl he likes into liking him back by getting cozy with his father’s mistress.

Marc Webb may be out of the superhero movie game after Spider-Man is getting rebooted yet again, but the director seems right at home back in his indie movie niche. His Gifted just opened to $28 million worldwide, which is nothing to sneeze at, and his next effort is another contained family drama that makes some… interesting choices. The trailer starts with Callum Turner’s Thomas declaring “New York has lost its soul,” and from there you know exactly what kind of movie this is gonna be.

After being friendzoned, Thomas confides in his new neighbor Jeff Bridges, who tells him that “Just make her afraid of something more than being with you — not being with you.” The opportunity that Thomas “pounces” on turns out to be a woman played by Kate Beckinsale, whom Thomas’ father is having an affair with. The two exchange some weird flirts, Thomas’ friend-who-is-a-girl makes a snide comment or two, and the music gets peppy. Ah, she’s noticing — it’s working!

It’s a pretty reprehensible move to manipulate someone into liking you by pretending to like someone else, and hopefully somewhere along the way this movie will realize that. Otherwise, it’ll be a dull slog for some fantastic actors — Beckinsale? Bridges? Pierce Brosnan? Cynthia Nixon? Kiersey Clemons? Hope they got sizable paychecks.

The Only Living Boy in New York opens August 11.

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