Back in June, actor John Turturro talked to The Hollywood Reporter about his ongoing efforts to make a film featuring his popular bowling lothario Jesus from The Big Lebowski. In the interview, Turturro explained that the character had actually been created years before the movie as part of a public theater company Turturro had participated in. While the actor described the ongoing legal discussions as “very complicated,” he did claim to have the involvement of the Coen Brothers on the film, although not as directors.

If Turturro is eventually successful in getting the film off the ground, could this open the door to appearances from the rest of the original cast? This was the question posed to actor Jeff Bridges this past week during his press tour for the upcoming release Hell or High Water. According to Business Insider, not only would Bridges be open to making a guest appearance in Turturro’s film, he still has his eye on a more straightforward sequel to The Big Lebowski.

I’ve heard that for years, John saying that. I think it’s a great idea … Yeah, it might be fun playing a little cameo as The Dude … I’m hoping they make a little Lebowski [sequel] because it’s all set up. I impregnated Maude. As The Stranger says, ‘There’s a little Lebowski on the way,’ you know?

If nothing else, fans of The Big Lebowski should take pleasure in the fact that Jeff Bridges loves his most iconic character as much as they do. More often than not, when an actor is asked about a role that they originated or made famous, the response is accompanied by the quiet resignation that this is the interview question they will be getting for the rest of their career. That has never been the case with Bridges. Whether he’s answering questions about the lasting legacy of the film or visiting a The Big Lebowski themed curio store in New York City, the actor has always carried his legacy as The Dude with pride and more than a little good humor.

Time will tell if Turturro is able to sort out the legal problems surrounding a potential Jesus movie, but with the Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges both interested  —  or at least not uninterested  —  in the project, there may be a little Lebowski on the way after all.

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