Remember that Jeff Bridges movie 'Seventh Son'? It was supposed to hit theaters this year, and we even got a Comic-Con 2013 panel from the film, but Legendary and Universal pushed it to 2015. Now, a new 'Seventh Son' trailer has been released to pretty much remind us all that it's still happening ... and that it kinda looks like what 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters' would've looked like without that R rating.

Bridges may have stumbled a bit with 'R.I.P.D.,' but he earned some points back with 'The Giver' and, frankly, we could listen to him recite ancient myths and orders all day. This one has a lot of buzzwords, like "the seventh son of a seventh son," and involves a thousand-person order reduced to simply two people. From previous 'Seventh Son' trailers, we learned that Bridges' Master Gregory enlists the aid of Tom Ward (Ben Barnes), a "seventh son of a seventh" and the last of their order of "spook" fighters, to defeat an evil witch after she kills his former apprentice ('Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington).

Here's more information from the official synopsis:

In a time of enchantments when legends and magic collide, the sole remaining warrior of a mystical order travels to find a prophesized hero born with incredible powers, the last Seventh Son. Torn from his quiet life as a farmhand, the unlikely young hero embarks on a daring adventure with his battle-hardened mentor to vanquish a dark queen (Julianne Moore) and the army of supernatural assassins she has dispatched against their kingdom.

If you couldn't tell by the 'Seventh Son' trailer's CG flash and elaborately grandiose storyline, the film is based on a young-adult novel, this one by author Joseph Delaney. But, despite this lackluster preview, we'll probably go see it when it drops on February 6, 2015.

Seventh Son Poster

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