the lacs

The Lacs Racy Video
The Lacs last song and video for 'God Bless the Country Girls' made the Billboard Country charts. However, the video for their new song 'Make the Rooster Crow' is a bit more racy. Check it out without the kids around.
The Lacs New Aklbum
The Lacs have a new album titled "Outlaw In Me" and a new single too. The new song 'God Bless A Country Girl' I think will get lots of country radio air play.
The Lacs
If you don't own a diesel truck, by the end of this video you'll be going through the classifieds looking for one. I think Uncle Snap and Rooster hit a home run with "Smoke Stack". The song is about the most basic redneck necessity, a big diesel guzzling 4x4 truck. I also like the fact tha…
The Lacs New Redneck Rap Song is “Keep It Redneck”
The Lacs new redneck rap song is "Keep it Redneck" and by the looks of the video, Clay and Brian have no problem following their own advice. The Lacs like to play somewhere between country and southern rock, or as they put it "somewhere between Johnny Cash and Lynyrd Skynyrd." Th…