Well, that was fast.

Most horror remakes tend to wait a few decades before starting over from square one, but it was announced today that 'The Grudge,' which hit theaters in 2004, is getting rebooted. To give you an idea of just how fresh this reboot really is, producer Sam Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures, who were behind the first two American films, are behind the reboot.

In an exclamation: yikes!

The world seems to have forgotten about 'The Grudge,' which was also a remake of the original Japanese film 'Ju-on: The Grudge,' but it was a big success in the post-'The Ring' horror landscape where remakes of "J-horror" flicks were all the rage. It ultimately spawned two far inferior sequels and failed to launch Gellar's big-screen career. Most horror fans will just shrug if you bring it up, which makes it an especially odd choice for the Hollywood remake machine.

Since you probably don't remember, 'The Grudge' took place in Japan and centered around a house haunted by ghosts who were consumed with an uncontrollable rage. These angry ghosts made their anger known by suddenly appearing out of the shadows, from under bedsheets and in hallways, usually accompanied by a sharp sting from the soundtrack.

We have nothing but respect for Sam Raimi as a filmmaker, but as a producer of mainstream horror films, he sure has his priorities in a weird place. All we know, via Variety, at this point is that Jeff Buhler has been hired to write the screenplay, which we assume will feature a lot of angry ghosts appearing in windows and such.