Sam Raimi was on hand at Comic-Con 2014 today for the Screen Gems panel, where he discussed his involvement in the upcoming adaptation of the 'Last of Us' video game. But that's not all he discussed: seems like Raimi isn't quite done with 'Evil Dead,' the film franchise that kickstarted his career. While we won't be seeing another Raimi-directed 'Evil Dead' film anytime soon, we will be seeing more 'Evil Dead' ... on the small screen.

During the Screen Gems panel today in Hall H, Sam Raimi revealed that he's working on a TV series version of 'Evil Dead,' based on the characters and story he created with his original horror film back in 1981. Since then, Raimi has brought us 'Evil Dead II' and 'Army of Darkness,' both featuring Bruce Campbell's shotgun-toting protagonist Ash. He also had a hand in producing last year's 'Evil Dead' remake.

Raimi says he is working on writing a script for the series with star Bruce Campbell, though it's unclear if Campbell will be reprising the role of Ash in any capacity, or if he's simply on board to help script. Details were very limited, so this is all we have for the time being. Raimi did not mention when we might see the series or which TV networks have expressed interest. We'll keep you guys posted as we learn more about this exciting new project!