The City of Abilene has split the 'Recycle Center' into two different locations. The city separated the 'Brush Center' from the regular 'Recycling Center'. Plus the new Brush Center now has expanded hours of operation.

When I visited the new site, they were accepting tree limbs, tree stumps, logs, shrubs and yard waste. All the debris that comes in, is then run through a chipper shredder and it's made into mulch.

The best part, is that the single grind mulch is free if you load it yourself. However, if the city employees load it for you the cost is $4 a yard. The 'Premium Grade' also known as the 'double grind' mulch is $6 a yard if the city loads it or $4 if you self load.

So before you go hauling off your tree limbs or shrubs you cut down, know where to go. The main recycle center on Oak Street operates it's usual schedule.

The Brush Center has entirely different hours of operation as listed below.


Abilene Recycle Center

Brush Center

  • 2149 Sandy Street, Abilene, TX
  • Monday-Friday open 8 am - 5 pm
  • Sat open 8 am - 3 pm
  • Closed Sunday
  • They will haul wood mulch to you inside city limits
  • Tree limbs cannot be longer than 8 feet
  • Tree stumps cannot be bigger than 18 inches in diameter
  • Bagged grass and debris must be emptied
  • Call 325-676-6053

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