The subject was suggested that we (the on air deejays) think of places as to where we would go if we were on a first date. OK, it's been a long, long time ago since I was on a date. In fact I think that the last time I was on a date "Atari" was the hot game system and I had just learned how to take my "Sony Disc-man" and plugged it into my cassette deck  and placed it on a folded towel to keep it from skipping. Anyway here goes.

Me & Her at a Romantic Dinner
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Place 1) I recommend we go to my place since I have an awesome sound quadraphonic sound system with that new "Dolby Surround Sound" VCR. I can cook an awesome meal & we can later watch a really cool chick flick while enjoying a bottle of "Strawberry Hill". After the movie we can listen to some of my favorite tunes. I really am an awesome cook, I prepare gourmet meals for my family & friends all the time. And that my friends is entertainment within itself!

Place 2) Dinner, drinks & live entertainment at Copper Creek. This is a great ice breaker because it reminds me of so many far-away top end resorts/cruises, where quality and service are synonymous. Not to mention the company ain't bad either...(the later was a TIC plug for me).

Outdoor Cooking After an Invigorating Hike
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Place 3) The State Park nature trails, that is if she's up to some healthy hiking and a picnic under the tall oaks. I'll have to put the wine in a couple of Hi-C fruit punch bottles, cause the state don't allow booze on the grounds...I think I just threw myself under the bus.

Place 4) Lets  make it a golf date. We in Abilene have a great choice of great golf courses to choose from. There's the obvious Maxwell Municipal Golf course,  Diamond Back, Fairway Oak Country Club, Abilene Country Club, Willow Creek and there is also Merkel & Clyde they too have great courses.

Place 5) For a first date and my favorite choice was hanging out with her grandparents, mom & dad. There was a picnic at the park out by the zoo. This allows you the ability to come and go if you feel a bit surrounded. The Abilene Parks & Recreation department does a fantastic job at keeping our parks looking good and the ants down, which I can't even say that about my own back yard.

So there you are from my feeble mind comes the "Five First Dates" ideas & locations. To be completely frank here, this was a lot harder to write about than I originally thought...because come to think of it most of what we do for "entertainment" in Abilene is "Dining Out". We really do need a water park...or a Hooters...LOL. Thank God above I am no longer in the dating game!

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