Just in case you didn't know, August is National Dog Month, a time to celebrate our loveable fur babies. However, there's one day that sticks out above all the other dog days of summer - National Spoil Your Dog Day coming up Thursday, August 10th. If you don't have plans to celebrate, then join the fun that's going on all around town.

While the sad truth is that most dogs don't live more than a decade, our fur babies are some of the best companions we have. Dogs give us unlimited love and never complain about where they live or how their food tastes. So, on National Spoil Your Dog Day, take your fur baby out, make some lifelong memories, and make it an official "Dog-Date-Night".

A lot of us don't do this regularly but this is a perfect excuse to go out to dinner and spoil your dog. Some of my favorite restaurants that allow dogs in while you have dinner are:

While many of the aforementioned places have outdoor patios, you may want to check with each establishment before embarking on your National Spoil Your Dog Day official date night. You could go also shopping at some place like Pam's Pets to purchase something to spoil your fur baby with.

Whether you've got an ankle-nibbling Shih-Tzu or a lumbering Great Dane, there's something about a dog's adorable face that makes your heart grow all fuzzy and warm. Just remember, every canine is adorable and unique, and there's always something that makes your dog special to you.

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The short video below of two dogs out dining is hilarious enjoy!

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