Teen girls are very impressionable and when magazines, television and movies push a certain image of them it can sometimes turn dangerous. When girls want to look like the models in fashion magazines or on the runways and in other media they tend to turn to starvation or bulimia to make themselves more desirable.

Two young girls are calling out the magazines and fashion industry to make their models more "real". We all know that airbrushing and Photoshopping is standard procedure in the model business these days but teens these days are apparently fed up with the standards and want changes made. I think this is about the most incredible thing I've heard in a long time.

Emma Stydahar, Carina Cruz and a group of teens known as the "Spark Summit/Team" are holding their own runway show in front of magazine headquarters to make their point;they don't want these magazines altering the appearances of their models with Photoshop or airbrushing because it gives "real" teens a false impression of what they should look like.

It's about time, I think this should be the case in all fashion magazines. If you ask me none of them should use Photoshop, no one is perfect and that includes models and celebrities. It's been shown that these stick skinny, perfect looking women lead, not only to their own eating and health problems, but to those of the public as well.

Hopefully, if you have a teen girl she has a good head on her shoulders and doesn't believe all she sees or reads in these magazines. Teens (boys & girls) have pressures these days that none of us had as kids and I wish that they could grow up as we did; with less concerns about image and fitting in with the crowd. They should just be kids, with no worries, there's plenty of time for that when they grow up.

Do you agree with these young girls and their quest for more "realness" in magazines? Do you agree that the magazines are using "healthy" girls that aren't too skinny?