Superman Lives in New ‘Justice League’ Promo Image
Guess who’s back. Back again. Supes is back. Tell a friend…about what might be the least shocking piece of promotional art for Justice League. Yep, Henry Cavill’s Superman returns, joining the JL crew in a new, incredibly Photoshopped image from Zack Snyder and Joss Whedonȁ…
New ‘Justice League’ Image Assembles More Heroes
Based on the images we’ve seen so far (and just the images), it’s fair to assume that Justice League is a movie about A. a long-haired metal-head who starts a rock cover band with a group of people in unnecessarily elaborate costumes, or B. a team of superheroes who spend their time ag…
Original Batman and Superman Suits Going to Auction
Good news: fans are finally getting their shot to lay claim to two highly sought-after pieces of comic book memorabilia, with George Reeves’ original Superman costume and the Batsuit worn by Michael Keaton during his stint as the Batman both up at auction until January 26. The bad news: youu&#…
'Justice League Action' Goes for Laughs in First Clips
Just when DC had us distracted with one shiny animation return, so too is the Justice League ready to grace our screens again in animated form. See for yourself in new clips from the forthcoming Justice League Action, including musical moments, alien worlds and a little Bat-time travel.

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