Urban Legends About Abilene Area
The Abilene area is not without its share of scary ghost stories or urban legends. I doubt that you can find an Abilenian that hasn't heard about the 'Lady Ghost Of Fort Phantom' or the mystery surrounding the 'Anson Lights'.
TNT’s ‘Legends’ Lands Ali Larter As Female Lead
Of all the various TV pilots in development, one show we're certainly keeping our eye on comes from 'Homeland' producer Howard Gordon as that of TNT's upcoming sci-fi pilot 'Legends.' The pilot has already achieved notoriety for casting Brendan Fraser in the lead role, only to replace him with 'Game…
Brenda Kay Performs at Outlaws and Legends Music Fest
Abilene was a buzz with activity this weekend, if you were within earshot of Abilene Speedway you would have heard the voices of many Texas music artists. As I began broadcasting live from backstage in the V.I.P./artist tent I immediately spotted hometown girl Brenda Kay, who was kind enough to let …