If you’ve never been to the annual Rattlesnake Round-Up, I have some great reasons for you to slither your way to Sweetwater.

  • Amazing Food

    The moment you get out of your car, the smell of all the burgers, fries, funnel cakes and other goodies will strike you right in the nostrils.

    Plus all of the people that are in the cookoff are cooking up some fantastic grub that literally melts in your mouth.

    And, yes, you can even get fried rattlesnake.


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  • Seeing Rattlesnakes Up Close

    Even if you are afraid of snakes in general, there is nothing to worry about as several trained snake handlers roam the pits and keep an eye on things.

    If you're feeling really adventurous, you can actually go out on a guided hunt to see the snake's natural habitat, or take the whole family on a bus tour.

    Whether you go check out a live handling demonstration, or see them skin the snakes for cooking, this is an opportunity to get up close to one of the most feared snakes in Texas.

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  • Carnival For The Kids

    When you get to the Rattlesnake Round-Up, you may see several kids running as fast as they can. But, don't worry, they're not running from the snakes, they're running to the carnival.

    The Rattlesnake Round-Up has one of the coolest little carnivals around, complete with Ferris wheel, fun houses, a little roller coaster and more.


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  • Huge Flea Market

    If you like shopping, the Rattlesnake Round-Up has a huge flea market where vendors sell everything from snake-skin wallets to home decor and everything in between.

    Even if you don't buy anything, it's worth doing some window shopping and burning off some of the awesome food you ate.

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  • The Big Dance

    The Rattlesnake Round-Up wraps up each night with a big dance. This year, the dance will feature music from Deryl Dodd plus Cody Canada and The Departed.

    So, if you feel like scootin' a boot, or cuttin' a rug, grab your partner and swing 'em out to the big dance.

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