With our own West Texas Fair & Rodeo coming up this week. I got to thinking about all the food. That's the main reason I go to the fair! There's the Aggie Fries and funnel cakes and roasted corn but what about all those deep fried wonders that are a little off the wall?

The Texas State Fair always has something new and different.How and why do people think these things up. There's been the deep fried Twinkie, Snickers and Ice Cream. This year is no exception. There were new entries like deep fried bubble gum and deep fried salsa.

Now the salsa and chips are combined, breaded and deep fried. The bubble gum isn't really bubble gum but a marshmallow fried and dipped in bubble gum extract. There's the taco in a bag, a Dorito bag cut open with meat, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese added to make it like a taco. Then the big winner this year is the Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack. You take the chicken dip it in a flap jack(pancake)mix cook it then roll it in a jalapeno breadcrumb mix and fry!

All sounds pretty good, well maybe not the bubble gum, but the rest I would try. I'm pretty sure they take all the calories and cholesterol out.

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