With the Children's Art & Literacy Festival (CALF) coming up in June, it would make sense to stay near all the action in downtown Abilene. While Abilene does have several incredible Airbnbs, this particular place captures my attention because it's near downtown and has a piano room, where I would want to spend most of my time.

The CALF, primarily hosted in downtown Abilene, will put you within walking distance of the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature (NCCIL), the Grace Museum, the Paramount TheatreStorybook Garden, Frontier Texas, the Abilene Convention Center, and the SoDA District (South of Downtown Abilene).

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This year I recommend you stay in one of Abilene's most cozy Airbnbs, known as "The Eleven18 House". One of the main reasons I find this home to be really super cool is because it was designed, built, and lived in by one of my Abilene heroes Mr. Mack Eplen, the founder and owner of Mack Eplen's Driveateria.

The only thing I can think of that would make this Airbnb better is to have one of Mack Eplen's famous hamburgers and one of his coconut cream pies waiting in the fridge. Nonetheless, you can still chill out at the Eleven18 House after dining at one of the many incredible restaurants in downtown Abilene.

So make your reservations and get ready to unwind over 2040 square feet of Airbnb. The home can accommodate up to eight adults and offers all the amenities one could desire. The Eleven18 House is in a lovely, tree-lined neighborhood.

Pack your bags and make your plans for this year's Children's Art & Literacy Festival (or any other weekend of the year). Enjoy the photos below and find information for the Eleven18 House. To reserve your stay contact Melody about this amazing Airbnb.

The Storybook Capital Has the Most Charming Airbnb

This storybook Airbnb was once owned by one of Abilene's movers and shakers Mr Mac Eplen the owner of Mac Eplen's Driveateria

Gallery Credit: Rudy Fernandez

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