Few would suggest current SNL Weekend Update team Colin Jost and Michael Che as the segment’s peak, likely putting past pairs like Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon higher on the list. The two even made an unexpected return to the desk this weekend, but not exactly as we remember them.

Breaking midway through a strong overall performance debut from Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, Weekend Update made a surprising return to the desk in the form of Fey and Fallon as undecided female voters from Philadelphia. The pair did their best to speak with authentic Philly accents, though Fallon unsurprisingly broke here and there, which Fey’s character even defended.

More than likely, the appearance serves as a bit of PR spin for Fallon, who hasn’t quite lived down the infamous Trump hair-tussle from the Presidential candidate’s Tonight Show appearance weeks earlier. Fey even acknowledged the gesture, saying “You love Trump. You’re always like, ‘Oh his hair’s real, ya know.’”

After Lin-Manuel Miranda, this coming weekend will see Girl on the Train star Emily Blunt hosting with musical guest Bruno Mars, followed by Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga on October 22.

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