We’ve still a long, long summer to go before SNL returns for Season 42 this fall, but if NBC keeps the cut sketches rolling, we might just make it. The latest picks up with Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, as a cut short from his December outing puts Beck Bennett in a birthday roast gone horribly awry.

Following the most recent cut SNL bit of Star Wars: The Force Awakens auditions, a new short sees Beck Bennett as a birthday boy obsessed with Comedy Central Roasts, at least until his party devolves into one. Hemsworth is mainly along for the ride, with Pete Davidson bringing most of the energy, and Bennett’s character amusingly thin-skinned.

We’ll at least see Hemsworth flexing his comedic chops once more in July when Ghostbusters hits the scene, so hopefully Melissa McCarthy will come forth with additional material from her February hosting as well.

In the meantime, enjoy SNL’s latest above, as well as the most recent cut Season 41 sketches below.

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