Scotty McCreery has released a music video to accompany his sweet song "You Time," the 2020 single from the singer that represents the Season 10 American Idol winner's latest output.

And, just like the tune itself, the clip is sure to summon romantic notions of stealing away a tender moment with a sweetie. Interspersed among shots of McCreery and his backing band performing the number is a dramatized portrayal of a couple at the sunny outset of their relationship. The video's depiction serves as an idealized reminder of the type of "You Time" McCreery sings about.

"'You Time' is a fun, romantic, upbeat song," McCreery tells CMT. "The video captures all of that, moving back and forth between my performance and the scenes with the couple who are starting their life together."

Watch Scotty McCreery's "You Time" Music Video:

"There are some moments [in the video] that really make me smile," the singer continues. "I don't want to give anything away, but the final scenes are based on what inspired me to write 'You Time' in the first place. … We all need 'You Time' with our significant other — for fun, romance, a recharge and more. It's important we make time for that to happen often."

The video also reunites McCreery with his band and crew. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the musician has "missed hanging with them," he says. "[It] was a fun shoot. Bree [the director] made the set so chill and easy. It was my first time to work with her and I enjoyed it."

Due to the live performance feel, it's sure to make viewers miss country concerts — similar to how Blake Shelton's recent "Minimum Wage" video evoked the atmosphere of a jovial in-person performance. But, with any luck, concerts should start returning in numbers as 2021 wears on.

"You Time" was composed pre-pandemic by McCreery along with co-writers Aaron Eshuis and Frank Rogers. Taste of Country previously called the song a "working man's note home to his woman."

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