It's been 14 years since the Florida boys known as Sawyer Brown had any real country music chart action. In 1998 they topped out at No. 6 with "Drive Me Wild" from the album of the same name. Since then nothing has really materialized for Sawyer Brown, they've had a number of songs released but none that made it to the radio. Today, the high spirited, tight vocals, all boy band may be finding it's way back onto the country top 40 charts. Sawyer Brown has just released their new song titled "Shadows Of The Heartland" on Curb Records.

Sawyer Brown has been staying busy the past few years, they just completed a brand new album for Curb Records of which the new single comes from. If you'll check out their website you can see that no moss grows under their feet. The all boy band has been touring like crazy. Sawyer Brown is still in high demand, whether it's on the radio or in concert Sawyer Brown will be on tour from June until December 31st.

Since its last studio album, Sawyer Brown issued the concert album "The Hits Live," which debuted at No. 32 on the Top Country Albums chart. A similarly titled nine-track DVD, "The Hits Live In Concert," was released Feb. 12 via Curb Records.

Sawyer Brown - Shadows Of The Heartland