Sawyer Brown was formed in 1981 as a country pop band named Savanna. They quickly changed the name to Sawyer Brown, the name of a road near where they practiced. After 34 years the guys continue to tour and get more awards.

Sawyer Brown fans, no need to search the web to find all of their 'official music videos’. We’ve got them all right here.

Check them out live at the 2016 Rehab Center's Telethon January 16th, at the Civic Center.

"Step That Step"

"Cafe On The Corner"

"They Don't Understand"

"Some Girls Do"

"The Hits Live"

"I Did It For Love"

"I Need A Girlfriend"

"I Don't Believe In Goodbye"

"The Boys And Me"

"Outskirts of Town"

"Round Here"

"Another Side"

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