For some people it's Halloween everyday. What if you lived in a haunted house everyday of the year? There are some real "haunted" houses for sale in the U.S. and they could be yours; for the right price.

The Historic Campbell Castle

The Castle Inn Riverside "The Historic Campbell Castle" as it is known was built over a two year period (1886-88) for Burton Harvey Campbell, a Cattle Baron. The home is a nod to the castles of Scotland and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This 11,000+ sq foot home has 17 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms with 3 1/2 baths, conference room, commercial kitchen, and sits on 2 acres of facing the river. It also is said to come with a few inhabitants that refuse to leave; and I can see why it's very beautiful! It has been mentioned that some of the architecture that was brought over from Europe still has spirits looming. True or not is up to you to find out!!  Here is a little more about the house as it is currently.

Haunted Houses for sale
Cheryl A. Huebert/ Brokered by Re/Max Realty Pro Maple

This home has been on the market since Valentine's Day of this year (2018). It went on the market for a little over $1.5 million and has already been reduced to it's current price of $1,018,000. This 3 bedroom/3 bath was built in 1868. The Historic Antebellum Greek Revival home has been fully restored with stainless appliances, marble countertops, and also includes a pool and off street parking. It just happens to come with a few ghosts too.The home is gorgeous, inside and out, and is historically documented but it's also been featured on the Haunted New OrleansTour and it could be the reason is still on the market!


 The Uhli Home

How about owning a home in New Mexico in a former mining town? This Victorian home is located in a historic district in Silver City, NM and was built in 1890. It is a two story, 5 bedroom/3 bath, with an 'in-law' apartment included. The 'ghosts' that come with the house are included in the $351,500 listing price. There are no specific stories but it is rumored that the spirits of, settlers, Stefen and Suzanna Uhli walk the halls of their former home.


The Dakota Building

The Dakota Building is located in New York City and was the one time home of John Lennon. Lennon was murdered at the entry of the building in 1980 and it seems his ghost doesn't want to leave. It is said that Yoko (Lennon's widow) has even seen John's ghost playing the piano in their apartment. He's not the only ghost hanging out there either. Reports of an Indian figure watching the entrance, children in the halls and a lady crying have all been noted of the building. There is currently a corner apartment available in the building at a reduced price of $14.5 million, if you're up for it!

I personally, would not buy a house that is 'rumored' to be haunted. I don't really believe in ghosts, but why take the chance. I would constantly be thinking that every little noise was a ghost. The mind would start playing tricks, even if there wasn't really anything there you would probably start believing it to be true. I say if they want the homes that badly then let them have it. What do you think? Would you buy a "haunted" house?

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